The Power of Nature

Nature has a way of providing the perfect ingredients for us to create amazing craft spirits. We use botanical ingredients in the production of our spirits. These ingredients offer a unique and distinct flavour profile. The power of nature truly shines through in every bottle we produce.

Visit our Botanical Gin Garden

Wilderer Estate, R45, Simondium-Paarl

Imagine strolling through a garden filled with all of the botanicals that make up your favourite gin. Now, imagine being able to learn about each of those botanicals through an interactive, self-guided tour that includes QR codes with audio narration for each plant. This is exactly what you can expect from a visit to the Botanical Gin Garden at Wilderer Estate. Guests can learn about each botanical while admiring the beauty of the garden. It’s an experience that is both educational and enjoyable. At the end of the self-guided tour, one can sample the gin made from these botanicals at our tasting room and truly appreciate the flavours that each botanical contributes to Wilderer gin. Don’t forget to take some gin home with you to create your own concoctions!