VOL: 50ML, 500ML, 750ML ALC: 43% Produced in harmony with nature. The finest wine spirits, unique fynbos botanicals and the clearest spring water from the Franschhoek mountains, makes this Cape Gin a true South African speciality. This one-of-a-kind gin boasts a very well balanced assortment of herbs, spices and zest on the nose. on the palate, it reveals juniper berries, lively citrus, floral notes and Cape Fynbos in stunning complexity.
  • For the craft gin enthusiast and aspiring master blender. This Blendbox kit contains all the components needed to construct your own gin recipe. By following the basic instructions provided, you can use each element in the box to taste, smell design, mix and fill your own mini bottle with your own unique recipe. By completing the blending card provided, you can order your own gin recipe in any size, directly from the Master Blender at Wilderer Distillery. Contains:
    • 6 x Wilderer Tasting Glasses
    • 6 x Uniquely different gin bases by Wilderer in 40 ml bottles (Juniper, Christmas Spice, Citrus, Fynbos, Floral and Buchu)
    • Laboratory grade measuring cylinder
    • Plastic pipette
    • Empty 40ml bottle and cork for your own unique blend)
    • Blending sheet with step-by-step instructions

    VOL: 50ML, 500ML, 750ML ALC: 43% The Rose Water Gin is as fresh and floral as a breath of spring air. The distiller carefully infuses fresh rose petals along with juniper, cinnamon, cardamom and many more botanicals to naturally recreate Turkish Delight. Expect a well-balanced and subtle rose flavour with a complex background of juniper and spice. Even before its release, the Rose Water Gin immediately won two gold medals – a testament to the Wilderer standard.


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